Jax Teller?

When Yuna offered to pick him up for their date, Tidus didn’t expect for her to show up in front of his house like this; leaning against what could only be described as the most badass motorbike he had ever seen. 

The bike along with the leather jacket — that fitted her in the oddest way — clashed with her dorky smile as she stepped forward, dragging his still stunned self to check the bike more closely. “Do you like it?” Tidus gave an absent-minded nod, too occupied with caressing the cool surface almost reverently. “Good, the gang made sure to pick the nicest one for our date.”

Before Tidus could ask what gang she was talking about — why there was a gang in the first place — Yuna hopped on the bike with one swift motion, urging him to do the same. “Come on! We’ll be late.”

Tidus decided to ask about it later — when he wasn’t sitting behind his girlfriend, when he wasn’t admiring how expertly she drove the bike, and when the feeling of holding her close didn’t feel this nice. 

Send me one of the following character names, and I’ll give you three paragraphs pertaining to my one of OTPs:


Gaylord Focker : meeting parents

Marty McFly: time travel

Lois Lane: boy/girlfriend is a superhero with a secret identity

Scooby Doo: solving mysteries together

Ellen Ripley: reluctantly stuck on a spaceship with aliens

John Watson: first-person blog entry

Lucy Whitmore: one of the pairing has no memory of the other

Eddard Stark: Knights and castles, lords/ladies and bannermen

Jake Peralta: bored on a stakeout

Cher Horowitz: one of the pairing is a spoiled, rich kid

Magic Mike: a scene which takes place in a stripclub

Jax Teller: one or both are in a biker gang

Willy Wonka: a scene involving chocolate

Rick Grimes: zombie apocalypse AU

Ezra Fitz: Teacher/Student tension

Hannah Montana: at least one of the pairing is a famous musician

Ben Stone: unexpected baby/accidentally pregnant

Lizzie Bennet: one of the pairing is a YouTube star

Laney Boggs: a jock/outcast AU

Bree Van de Kamp: a scene where one is excessively domestic/houseproud

Fox Mulder: sniping FBI agents in love

Zack and Miri: initially platonic friends filming porn for cash

BONUS! Richard Castle: the author’s choice from a fic they have not published yet.

your newest icon made me realize the byaku in your url is for byakuran!! (stupid me lol)

you can totally blame sal for that! at first it was nickname then i liked it too much so it became my url.

don't you just hate it when one of your favourite characters suddenly dies? *offers supportive hugs and tissues*

it was just so… unexpected, and the her theme and the party’s reactions don’t help (thank you cloud, i totally needed that reminder that i won’t see aerith smile or laugh again). for a game with chibi graphics and made in 1997, aerith’s death scene is incredibly sad (apparently, it’s one of the most iconic ones in video game history. how i didn’t know about it already is beyond me).

spearmintadnade replied to your post: spearmintadnade replied to your post: …

I can’t believe you took him seriously before

well i have to be frank, i totally didn’t in dissidia. but here in this game, he’s an effective villain (the bastard!!!) so yeah, even though he’s a chibi with a long toothpick for a weapon, he does his job very well.

*how could this happen to me playing in the distance*

*how could this happen to me playing in the distance*


hey, we’re going to see aerith!


hey, we’re going to see aerith!


Outfits by: Tarun Tahiliani

spearmintadnade replied to your post: this would’ve been reassuring if it we…

Just like haemorrhoids D:

such a beautiful analogy.